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The company did everything to make sure that our trike would arrive in mint condition. They kept us informed about the status of our order, however it is very difficult to meet deadlines due to our abnormal time in history. We understand that factories are shorthanded and workers are out so being patient paid off. Our daughter checked other sellers’ prices and they were many hundred dollars more with the same delivery speed. We definitely recommend this company to anyone with a desire to purchase a quality product.

Bobby Smith




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    Best priced quality electric bike on the market.


    This trike is awesome for the price! I bought my Wife one and then myself. I have owned electric trikes before, but so far I like this one the best. When I got mine there were a few minor issues. I fixed them all myself and let them  know what I encountered. They sent me an immediate apology and a $50 refund. I was very satisfied with our interaction. It made the purchase even more special.I have always owned a trike in the past. They are no longer in production. They were great trikes for their time but the batteries were heavy and you needed 2 to make any real distance. This trike you only need to one battery and it weighs maybe 5lbs! Plenty of storage space on the trike. I love the kick stand and how it locks into place. I love that it takes a key to power on and off. There is nothing to dislike here. It even goes faster than my old bikes. 18 mph average top speed without pedaling. It has a built in electric horn and the headlight is built into the electrical system. Very impressive for the price.

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     Great Value Excellent Trike, The Best Customer Care.

    My husband and I ordered 2 of these trikes about 8 months ago. We live in Florida and ride them often. I ride mine daily. The bike was easy for my husband to assemble and maintain. We’ve customized them with lots of lights for night-riding. The reviews for Customer Service were positive, which was a selling point for us choosing these particular trikes. We follow the battery rules, and charge them immediately upon finishing the ride, regardless of how much battery power is used. Even so, the batteries are taking more time to re-charge than they did in the beginning. Still, the power is good; we can still go at least 20 miles before the battery drains completely. I’ve ridden Pedego bikes in the past. They are out of my price range, to own. These trikes are great and a fraction of the price! The customer care is phenomenal.


    Makes bike riding fun again.

    Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS BIKE! The motor is a great assist, no longer have to worry about hills or going too far & not being able to get back. For someone not in the greatest shape or with an injury this bike takes the worry out of it & allows you to have fun on a bike again! The bike feels solid & stable. If you watch the assembly video, it is pretty easy. The directions that come with the bike make assembly difficult, but the video will sort you out. There are some adjustments that I had to make during assembly

    The seat seemed comfy at first but after a few rides I decided to order a replacement from the Nakto website directly, that should be here in a few weeks. I do prefer this frame style of bike, it’s better on my back (injury) and I can ride for a very long time without being uncomfortable. TAKE CARE to read & follow the battery instructions. I have followed it strictly & have had great battery performance. I may order a 2nd battery later to extend my range, we’ll see how she holds up.

    I have gotten up some really steep hills in my neighborhood. On the really big hills I still had to work hard, but with the gear system and the motor you don’t have to kill yourself going up hills. On flat ground I got up to about 20MPH! Going down that same rather steep hill, 30MPH! Wear a helmet, seriously, that is freakin’ fast on a bike y’all.

    The bike is rather heavy, especially with the battery in. I originally had a standard style bike rack where the bike hangs from the top of the frome. I had to get an adapter bar to allow a space large enough for it to fit. However, it was too heavy for me to lift and I felt uncomfortable with the weight of the bike hanging, essentially from the seat (the way the bar attaches to the bike) the whole way down the road. Decided to replace the rack for one that the bike rests on top of & is secured by the tires and frame. More stability & I don’t have to lift the bike as high to get it mounted on the rack. I have to say though, the weight of the bike feels nice while riding, it feels stable & sound. The heavy frame seems to be the trade-off for having quality internals at this price. Feels worth it to me. You get the same motor (beofang) & battery cells (panasonic) that the more expensive bikes use (I checked).

    The company. At first I was very concerned because the bike did not ship in time, but the seller contacted & let me know they had hit delays. I ordered during the 2020 pandemic, the entire world is having delays, totally understandable. It took longer than I expected, but the bike did arrive. The basket was missing, but the seller said they would send it asap & they did, it’s here. No other pieces were missing. I have ordered a replacement seat directly from the website, as I said above, but that was very recently so it hasn’t shipped yet.

    Summary; This bike is very worth the value! For the price you get the same motor & battery cells that the more expensive bikes use (I checked). Those are really the parts that matter in an E-bike. The motor is a great assist on hills & allows you to cruise on flat ground, but you can still get a work out if you want one. It’s fun to have a mix of both. Overall I’m very very happy with this purchase and have already recommended friends & family check them out. Thank you.



    Great bike night with phenomenal customer service


    I purchased this bike for my wife, who wanted to join me on some of my rides, especially since I purchased myself an e-bike. When I told the supplier I needed it by certain date and time for my wife’s birthday, they went out of their way to ensure that it arrived in plenty of time.

    After about one month we experienced a problem with the torque sensor not kicking in when she was peddling ( The handlebar mounted throttle still worked perfectly). I tried taking it to a couple of local bike dealers, but they were too afraid to work on something they were unfamiliar with. I got back in touch with the supplier, who probably shipped to me the parts to try to repair it myself, when this was unsuccessful they immediately agreed to shipped me a totally new bike!

    I am not used to this level of customer support (this is not an expensive electric bike after all), so feel I must give five stars for exceptional service on an already good product. Plus my wife absolutely loves the bike


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